In 1956, the Schnelle brothers founded a company with Hermann Dunst that initially operated as a commercial agency for their father’s company, Velox-Werke, which produced office furniture and products for registries and archives. In 1959 the company was renamed into Quickborner Team.

It was at this time that they started offering consultant work for office organization and design. Starting in 1956, the Schnelles and their transdisciplinary team of engineers, mathematicians, and information scientist developed a design and planning method inspired by cybernetic premises. The direct result of which was the office-landscape (Bürolandschaft).

The intended goal of their new office type was two-fold: (1) to design an office space as a flexible and adaptable instrument for the company which could also serve as a humane and pleasant “living environment” for the employees; (2) to grant the workers “perpetual leisure time” through the complete automation of office work.

In the early 1970s the two founders Team Eberhard and Wolfgang Schnelle left Quickborner team after a significant dispute within the team about the future direction of the company ultimately founding their new company METAPLAN.

Here 25 significant office landscapes by Quickborner Team are documented. The first office landscape dating from 1956, the latest realized from 1978.