Andreas Rumpfhuber

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The research project “Architecture of Cybernetics of Organization” is a 3-yrs research project funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) about the "architectural" practice of German management consultants Wolfgang and Eberhard Schnelle and their trans-disciplinary team. 

The project offers the first comprehensive documentation of the invention of the Bürolandschaft (office landscape) in the late 1950s and its development until the mid 1970s. It explores the very unique non-architects design-practice

  1. by registering its specific design-method “cybernetics of organization”,
  2. by addressing its engagement with the cybernetic discourse in running a publishing house and
  3. by analysing its invention – the “Bürolandschaften” [office-landscapes].


In doing so, the project engages with the research-subject in a threefold way:

  1. It traces the concrete influences and consequences of the non-architects spatial practice on the production of architecture and the built environment.
  2. It pursues the significance of a cybernetically induced managerial world-conception for a contemporary pre-dominant understanding and discoursive construction of space.
  3. It thus follows the spatial and organizational prerequisites for todays way of “living together” and offers  openings towards a field of spatial and cultural practices.

The website "" is a publicly-accessible archive. For the first time it brings together vast material about a labour society that hoped for a better and more equal world through the cybernetic organization of work processes. The ultimate goal was a life in endless leisure without labour.


Dr. Andreas Rumpfhuber
Vienna, August 2015